Your balcony represents your little oasis to you. A jungle where you could easily sing that it takes little to be happy. Are you in search of plants for your balcony? Any advice to take care of it? You are in the right place.

What is the right exposure to bloom your balcony?
Your apartment is facing north ? You belong to the category of “artists’ apartments”!
Indeed, the light is never as bright and pure as with this type of exposure.
Negative point, you can not afford all the foolishness to decorate your balcony . For example, the rose is part of the list of forbidden. It needs too much light all day long …Turn instead to the “shadow plants” or “half-shade”.
Several categories are available to you: the heather plants such as hydrangea and rhododendron and also exotic plants such as bamboo and ferns.
The tip side flowers? Opt for white or light colors, just to give light.
Your balcony is south facing ? Choose plants that like dry soils.
Think of the family of Mediterranean plants such as Yucca, Chinese palm, lavender, olive tree, mini orange, eyelets with shimmering colors …
Which plants to choose according to the wind?

Wind is the number one enemy of your balcony. We are here to warn you.
It dries the earth, makes the leaves wither, amplifies the negative temperatures …
Don’t worry, some plants ideally adapt to this condition : Lavender, blueberry, sage, heather and bamboo for example. And to create a barrier to the wind, use the plants of heather with fine leaves mixed with the long bamboo stems: effectiveness guaranteed!
How to take care of his balcony plants?
Everything begins at the time of potting, a crucial step if any.
First of all, make sure to bathe the clods in the water Once there are no more bubbles to rise to the surface, the plant is ready to be taken out of its plastic pot to be repotted in a suitable pot.
It is good to knead it very slightly with the fingertips to oxygenate it perfectly. Your plant will be entitled to a massage class.
Once potting, how often to water his plants? Well it’s not complicated for a penny.
At the very beginning, water the dehydrated plant strongly, then it is a matter of going ‘to the feeling’ by checking a little each day.
The idea? Do not water if the soil is wet. Wait until it is slightly dry to rehydrate.
To maintain your balcony plants, it’s all about “cutting faded leaves and flowers to avoid over-tiring the plant and adding liquid fertilizer every other time to your watering session.”