At the moment, I’m not very active here, but it’s for a very good reason. I’m at the bottom in the project of the new house. Work is starting soon and every step is important! Soon, I will show you a lot of things, and also share my ideas and exchange experiences. I will try to resume my editorial line and show you more projects and custom achievements as before. It’s only a matter of time, I assure you! But I think you will understand: a renovation is not done lightly and I take the time to think carefully to try to make good decisions.
Moreover, I come back with a subject that is close to my heart: the trend of cooking in the natural way! I took advantage of the new component of Project Inside : to arrange its interior around two or three colors, to treat this theme. Personally, I like it natural, immaculate kitchen. Simple, sober and elegant. The winning trio in deco, The white combo with wooden worktop never disappointed me, for our new home it will be wood with white worktop. And that’s good, because right now, I find inspiration everywhere!
At the same time, this style is not as new as the greige, we’ll talk about this later! It’s been a few years since the wood has taken its place in our homes and in our kitchens. The trend is getting better! The winning mix is wood and white, and also wood and black. It is expected to be quite contemporary, but sometimes very rustic. The spirit of the currents as kinfolk , Slow life and Wabi sabi is perfectly reflected in these mixtures. Cozy, pampering, warm and welcoming! And also poetic, sometimes sweet and sometimes very marked. Long live the kitchen naturally!
The natural cuisine is distinguished by their finesse of details and their lack of superfluity. It goes with our diet. Just look at what we are eating right now. We are focusing on an increasingly healthy food . So, it seems normal that the decor of the kitchen is a reflex of our way of living and consuming!
No matter the brand or the cook, today everyone offers models in this genre. It’s up to you to judge the quality of the product. I admit that I too want a kitchen designed by a cook made in Italy.

Beauty has become synonymous with discretion, but it still stands out with the details!
We see more and more kitchens without wrist. The minimalist effect is indeed bluffing! This creates graphics, clean lines and a really beautiful decor . For those who like the fancy side, instead of a model found in DIY signs or DIY models, opt for the handles with integrated cutout in the facade. We see them more and more and it’s great! Simple and efficient !
As far as wood is concerned, it is neither in the Scandinavian style of wood that is too light-minded, as it was a few years ago, nor in the dark wood. Natural essences like oak and mango are still excellent choices. One thing is certain: if we use solid wood, we want to see the veining!
But laminate is also an excellent option, both for price and aesthetics. Especially at this moment, he can even imitate the wood to perfection.
Last cooking point of the day, storage. If we see a lot of photos of kitchens made just with low elements, the trend is still to optimize storage. Indeed, the aesthetic effect can be as well without or with high elements. You have to take into account the size of the room, the ceiling height and the size of the kitchen.
If you have a storeroom that allows you to store differently, the choice of low furniture only can be a good option. But if you need to store everything in the center room, do not neglect the storage space. Take advantage of the high elements to create an alignment or a graphic in the room. Especially if the kitchen is open to the living room. You can combine both parts with these elements.
To combine ergonomics with comfort ,there is a detail to remember: In an ideal kitchen, do not bend down to look for something. There is even talk of an enhancement of furniture and work plans, which are positioned higher and higher. So think carefully!