The vintage gives a unique look to your interior. Far, very far from the houses “witnesses” whose standard decoration would give hives to any lover of beautiful interior decoration .
And then, beyond its decorative aspect, the idea of offering an object that has a history, which was appreciated by a family from another era before landing in your hands is a very special experience. Touching, even. Ah … if the objects could talk. They would have anecdotes to tell!
However. By accumulating trinkets and other objects found on the right and left, you can quickly fall into the too much without even realizing it.
Vintage should not mean giving up a touch of modernity, quite the opposite. Otherwise, you would soon find yourself with an apartment just like grandma, her delicious jams and good advice less.
Think about it, a very beautiful vintage piece (a chest of drawers, a coffee table, a lamp …) will never be as well put in value as surrounded by more modern objects.
As for everything, the key lies in the fact of varying eras, styles, colors to create a falsely unstructured decor.
Where to buy vintage furniture?

Obviously, the first reflex is to find out near you. Small flea markets are still real mines of gold.
Be careful, collectors are getting up early to make the best deals.
Also remember to track the next auction of your city’s auction house. Contrary to popular belief, prices vary from small to large.
Be attentive to the classifieds of your local newspaper. From time to time an owner makes an “open door” and invites those who wish to visit his house and leave with the object of their choice … A good solution for those who have trouble getting project.
Finally, many websites now offer their own selection of vintage items. The concept ? They take care of hiding and gather a collection of objects with style, a bias.
For or against the “fake vintage”?
The subject is debated. We would be inclined to advise you never to try to copy the old one.
It is always better to select beautiful furniture “vintage spirit” that have a real touch of modernity, which do not seek to reproduce past trends but rather to reinvent them. It’s better true, beautiful, in small quantity mixed with very nice furniture rather than the opposite!