When it comes to decorating, every detail counts! To create a warm atmosphere, a nice and pleasant place to live, we must think of each element. From accessories to furniture, it’s without a doubt the decorative touch that makes the difference!
What is the most important element in a decor project?
It depends on each location, the brightness, and the size of the room. But also of its use. The important thing is to make the whole harmonic!
Always focus on the elements of each piece! Start by choosing the bed and dressing the bedroom, the sofa for the living room, the dining room table. It sounds obvious, but sometimes, for a question of budget or just the desire to do everything quickly, we end up making choices that we will regret later. It is better to go slowly and focus on the beautiful elements and quality. This is where we say that it is the touch of decoration that makes the difference!
Knowing how to mix colors, materials, furniture …

As for furniture, the idea is that you need to think about the aesthetics and the functionality of the element. A beautiful, but not comfortable sofa is not a good choice. The living room is a place we spend a good part of our time, so you need to invest in a nice sofa for relaxing moments. The coffee table is trendy! But this element must be chosen according to your needs. Small for those who are just looking for a decorative piece, to put a candle or a vase. But for small spaces, the coffee table can also become a side table. Go instead on a large model if you use it to eat, have a drink or if you like to combine magazines and books. In short, you have to think carefully about your personal needs.