Your balcony represents your little oasis to you. A jungle where you could easily sing that it takes little to be happy. Are you in search of plants for your balcony? Any advice to take care of it? You are in the right place.

What is the right exposure to bloom your balcony?
Your apartment is facing north ? You belong to the category of “artists’ apartments”!
Indeed, the light is never as bright and pure as with this type of exposure.
Negative point, you can not afford all the foolishness to decorate your balcony . For example, the rose is part of the list of forbidden. It needs too much light all day long …Turn instead to the “shadow plants” or “half-shade”.
Several categories are available to you: the heather plants such as hydrangea and rhododendron and also exotic plants such as bamboo and ferns.
The tip side flowers? Opt for white or light colors, just to give light.
Your balcony is south facing ? Choose plants that like dry soils.
Think of the family of Mediterranean plants such as Yucca, Chinese palm, lavender, olive tree, mini orange, eyelets with shimmering colors …
Which plants to choose according to the wind?

Wind is the number one enemy of your balcony. We are here to warn you.
It dries the earth, makes the leaves wither, amplifies the negative temperatures …
Don’t worry, some plants ideally adapt to this condition : Lavender, blueberry, sage, heather and bamboo for example. And to create a barrier to the wind, use the plants of heather with fine leaves mixed with the long bamboo stems: effectiveness guaranteed!
How to take care of his balcony plants?
Everything begins at the time of potting, a crucial step if any.
First of all, make sure to bathe the clods in the water Once there are no more bubbles to rise to the surface, the plant is ready to be taken out of its plastic pot to be repotted in a suitable pot.
It is good to knead it very slightly with the fingertips to oxygenate it perfectly. Your plant will be entitled to a massage class.
Once potting, how often to water his plants? Well it’s not complicated for a penny.
At the very beginning, water the dehydrated plant strongly, then it is a matter of going ‘to the feeling’ by checking a little each day.
The idea? Do not water if the soil is wet. Wait until it is slightly dry to rehydrate.
To maintain your balcony plants, it’s all about “cutting faded leaves and flowers to avoid over-tiring the plant and adding liquid fertilizer every other time to your watering session.”


The vintage gives a unique look to your interior. Far, very far from the houses “witnesses” whose standard decoration would give hives to any lover of beautiful interior decoration .
And then, beyond its decorative aspect, the idea of offering an object that has a history, which was appreciated by a family from another era before landing in your hands is a very special experience. Touching, even. Ah … if the objects could talk. They would have anecdotes to tell!
However. By accumulating trinkets and other objects found on the right and left, you can quickly fall into the too much without even realizing it.
Vintage should not mean giving up a touch of modernity, quite the opposite. Otherwise, you would soon find yourself with an apartment just like grandma, her delicious jams and good advice less.
Think about it, a very beautiful vintage piece (a chest of drawers, a coffee table, a lamp …) will never be as well put in value as surrounded by more modern objects.
As for everything, the key lies in the fact of varying eras, styles, colors to create a falsely unstructured decor.
Where to buy vintage furniture?

Obviously, the first reflex is to find out near you. Small flea markets are still real mines of gold.
Be careful, collectors are getting up early to make the best deals.
Also remember to track the next auction of your city’s auction house. Contrary to popular belief, prices vary from small to large.
Be attentive to the classifieds of your local newspaper. From time to time an owner makes an “open door” and invites those who wish to visit his house and leave with the object of their choice … A good solution for those who have trouble getting project.
Finally, many websites now offer their own selection of vintage items. The concept ? They take care of hiding and gather a collection of objects with style, a bias.
For or against the “fake vintage”?
The subject is debated. We would be inclined to advise you never to try to copy the old one.
It is always better to select beautiful furniture “vintage spirit” that have a real touch of modernity, which do not seek to reproduce past trends but rather to reinvent them. It’s better true, beautiful, in small quantity mixed with very nice furniture rather than the opposite!


At the moment, I’m not very active here, but it’s for a very good reason. I’m at the bottom in the project of the new house. Work is starting soon and every step is important! Soon, I will show you a lot of things, and also share my ideas and exchange experiences. I will try to resume my editorial line and show you more projects and custom achievements as before. It’s only a matter of time, I assure you! But I think you will understand: a renovation is not done lightly and I take the time to think carefully to try to make good decisions.
Moreover, I come back with a subject that is close to my heart: the trend of cooking in the natural way! I took advantage of the new component of Project Inside : to arrange its interior around two or three colors, to treat this theme. Personally, I like it natural, immaculate kitchen. Simple, sober and elegant. The winning trio in deco, The white combo with wooden worktop never disappointed me, for our new home it will be wood with white worktop. And that’s good, because right now, I find inspiration everywhere!
At the same time, this style is not as new as the greige, we’ll talk about this later! It’s been a few years since the wood has taken its place in our homes and in our kitchens. The trend is getting better! The winning mix is wood and white, and also wood and black. It is expected to be quite contemporary, but sometimes very rustic. The spirit of the currents as kinfolk , Slow life and Wabi sabi is perfectly reflected in these mixtures. Cozy, pampering, warm and welcoming! And also poetic, sometimes sweet and sometimes very marked. Long live the kitchen naturally!
The natural cuisine is distinguished by their finesse of details and their lack of superfluity. It goes with our diet. Just look at what we are eating right now. We are focusing on an increasingly healthy food . So, it seems normal that the decor of the kitchen is a reflex of our way of living and consuming!
No matter the brand or the cook, today everyone offers models in this genre. It’s up to you to judge the quality of the product. I admit that I too want a kitchen designed by a cook made in Italy.

Beauty has become synonymous with discretion, but it still stands out with the details!
We see more and more kitchens without wrist. The minimalist effect is indeed bluffing! This creates graphics, clean lines and a really beautiful decor . For those who like the fancy side, instead of a model found in DIY signs or DIY models, opt for the handles with integrated cutout in the facade. We see them more and more and it’s great! Simple and efficient !
As far as wood is concerned, it is neither in the Scandinavian style of wood that is too light-minded, as it was a few years ago, nor in the dark wood. Natural essences like oak and mango are still excellent choices. One thing is certain: if we use solid wood, we want to see the veining!
But laminate is also an excellent option, both for price and aesthetics. Especially at this moment, he can even imitate the wood to perfection.
Last cooking point of the day, storage. If we see a lot of photos of kitchens made just with low elements, the trend is still to optimize storage. Indeed, the aesthetic effect can be as well without or with high elements. You have to take into account the size of the room, the ceiling height and the size of the kitchen.
If you have a storeroom that allows you to store differently, the choice of low furniture only can be a good option. But if you need to store everything in the center room, do not neglect the storage space. Take advantage of the high elements to create an alignment or a graphic in the room. Especially if the kitchen is open to the living room. You can combine both parts with these elements.
To combine ergonomics with comfort ,there is a detail to remember: In an ideal kitchen, do not bend down to look for something. There is even talk of an enhancement of furniture and work plans, which are positioned higher and higher. So think carefully!


When it comes to decorating, every detail counts! To create a warm atmosphere, a nice and pleasant place to live, we must think of each element. From accessories to furniture, it’s without a doubt the decorative touch that makes the difference!
What is the most important element in a decor project?
It depends on each location, the brightness, and the size of the room. But also of its use. The important thing is to make the whole harmonic!
Always focus on the elements of each piece! Start by choosing the bed and dressing the bedroom, the sofa for the living room, the dining room table. It sounds obvious, but sometimes, for a question of budget or just the desire to do everything quickly, we end up making choices that we will regret later. It is better to go slowly and focus on the beautiful elements and quality. This is where we say that it is the touch of decoration that makes the difference!
Knowing how to mix colors, materials, furniture …

As for furniture, the idea is that you need to think about the aesthetics and the functionality of the element. A beautiful, but not comfortable sofa is not a good choice. The living room is a place we spend a good part of our time, so you need to invest in a nice sofa for relaxing moments. The coffee table is trendy! But this element must be chosen according to your needs. Small for those who are just looking for a decorative piece, to put a candle or a vase. But for small spaces, the coffee table can also become a side table. Go instead on a large model if you use it to eat, have a drink or if you like to combine magazines and books. In short, you have to think carefully about your personal needs.


Who doesn’t want a warm and unique décor for his house?
It’s not as simple as it seems, trust me. The more I watch the people who joined the field just for fun and see their amazing work, the more I tell myself that it’s hard to know how to find the style that suits me the best. Even if we all feel like having a decorating side, we must face the facts: a successful design requires more than knowing how to choose a beautiful chair, a nice sofa or a paint for the living room.
The house is more than a frame, a place where we spend a lot of time. No need to focus on aesthetics instead of functional. I think it is possible to create harmonious atmospheres while keeping in mind some simple tricks, but essential!
1- Give priority to the light. We keep telling you that, but that’s because it’s one of the most important points in a development project. Investing in windows or separating rooms with an indoor canopy can be a very good idea. It creates a passage of light from one room to another and gives a great charm to the house. The windows are also a source of significant light and allow an opening to the outside.
2 – Be simple and use neutral and sober tones. Do not try to paint a wall in a garish color or paint an entire kitchen in orange just to have a unique decor. The colors are consistent with the typology of spaces: size, format, natural brightness. The gray color is trendy, and can make a piece very contemporary and charming. Without even counting the many nuances proposed. When in doubt, opt for neutral and sober tones. The white walls are fine, on the contrary, they enlarge the space and free space to invest the decoration with objects and accessories.

3- Speaking of decorative objects. How to choose objects and accessories for your house ? Let’s start by studying the space available. You don’t have to add accessories everywhere. Minimalism is always more judicious when you don’t know much about decoration. Beware of the paintings of countries you have never been to or celebrity photos you do not even know. A good way to add a colorful touch is to invest on cushions. A frame of vintage mirrors or paintings in a wall section are also simple and easy to prepare. Book a place for a beautiful bookshelf, some objects and plants.
4- The plants. This is the perfect inspiration for beautify in a house. Always having a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table and some houseplants will make a room more warm and friendly. For those who do not have a green thumb, succulents and cacti have become the new thing for interior design. No excuses possible. In addition, it is always possible to create a new decor with seasonal flowers. A nice way to always have a new decor without having to spend a lot.
5 – Do not clutter the space. No, it’s not because you find a pretty table that she will be well at home. And just because you have just bought a new home does not mean you have to buy all the furniture you find beautiful. And it’s not because the vintage decor is trendy that you’re going to pick 50 new items from the market. Think about the size of your room and your needs. Think about the essentials and with experience, add as you go new items that fit your personal style.